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Pratt’s banana, Bundaberg macadamia and nutmeg brioche toast with whipped honey butter 6

Granola, local banana, passionfruit, blueberries and macadamias, Gympie yogurt and Baffle milk 11

Peach melba scones … local raspberry studded scones with Childers Belle Pesche jam and lashings of fresh cream 8

Eden Farms Raspberry studded doughnuts with elderflower French cream, raspberry crush,
fired Italian merengue and icecream 17

Champagne poached Childers peak season peaches, vanilla bean panna cotta, Brucie’s passionfruit,
Perfection Fresh blueberries and flaked almonds on a French toasted cinnamon brioche 19

Pratt’s roasted beetroot, Hummock cavallo nero, Meredith fresh goats cheese, Mundubbera pecan crush,
poached eggs and crisp bacon on Turkish toast 21 …

Sharrooms on toast…. Portabello mushrooms, Tallegio cheese, thin cut local bacon and
A drizzle of fresh basil and macadamia crush 19

Moorish eggs …Turkish toast, roast pumpkin hummus, eggs poached in lemon and butter,
macadamia dukkah, garlic yogurt, fresh coriander and mint 15

Miso cream fish stew with Burnett Heads spanner crab, scallops, Tu’s tiger prawns and local Hussar finished with local X.O sauce, Bundy lime, shallots, shoots and toast 31

Crisp Hummock Farms Potato cake topped with Avocado, local Kippered Cobia and
Dill scrambled eggs with shaved and cured ocean mullet roe 25

Crunchy broken lentil croquettes, mushroom, eggs, avocado, beetroot, goats cheese and pickled cucumber 19

Sweet corn, zucchini and black sesame toast, creamed kale, vintage cheddar and chive scrambled eggs,
Rick’s super thin cut crispy bacon with our rich tomato and roast capsicum chutney. 20

Local Bargara Brewing beer bread, cider creamed French onions, Tantitha iron bark honey and hickory pork sausages, thin cut bacon, poached eggs and gingered beetroot relish 23

Baked eggs N’awlins style… eggs baked in spicy red beans, Andouille pork mince, Bill’s tomatoes, chilli and
Manchego cheese finished with sour cream, Simpson Farms avocado cream, fresh herbs, lime and sourdough toast 24

W.A. black Truffle scrambled eggs on sour dough with rich tomato ragu, crispy local bacon and pecorino 20

Local smoked bacon and egg sandwich with our Montenegro tomato relish on toasted Turkish 14

Figtree Farm open range, grass fed, happy eggs… fried, poached or scrambled with Bill’s tomatoes and toast 11

Rick’s honey and hickory pork sausage/ Rick’s Bacon / smoked chicken sausage 6.5
mushrooms / cavallo Nero / egg / Bundy lime hollandaise
(Saturday only) 4

Pancakes, maple and cream 9... Kids pancakes / Kids mini doughnuts 7….

Toast ... Sour dough, Turkish, thick cut grain or gluten free 6
Served with…. Childers roasted peach ……. local Eden Farm raspberry …..Pratt’s local raw honey

Please order from the counter.

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