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Indulge Cafe's seasonal menus showcase the best of the Bundaberg and Wide Bay regional food bowl and beyond.

From "the best eggplant in Australia'' to creamy fresh goat cheese, from slender green beans and buttery macadamia nuts to sweet river prawns and succulent beef, the menu reflects a commitment to provenance (knowing where food comes from) and nutritional quality.

Bundaberg region farmers have led a small crop revolution in recent years and are now producing eggplant, golden zucchini, baby roma tomatoes, okra, green and snake beans, basil, spinach, mushrooms, rocket and lettuces, capsicum, chilli, garlic, cucumber, squash, sweet potato, snow peas, strawberries, bananas and citrus. All of which star seasonally on the Indulge menu.

The summer menu spills over with local lychees, pineapples, melons, figs, avocado, stone fruit, macadamia nuts and grapes.

Chocolatey-full mud crabs and plump river prawns are plucked from local waterways, while spanner crabs, reef fish, scallops, bugs and tiger prawns are on the doorstep.

Indulge works with North Bundaberg butcher Rick Elliott to create and refine locally grown pork, beef and poultry into delicately smoked products that adorn the menu - smoked chicken, bacon, duck ham, ribs, proscuitto and sausage.

Salivate over the seasonal menu, or check out the creativity chalked up daily on the changing specials board, inspired by what producers have brought in fresh that morning.

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